Proudly following the footsteps of ancestresses

At the time of construction of Sorella's building, the lives of Finnish women were going through big changes. Among other things, women were allowed to work independently and vote. And you were also able to enjoy life! Even at pubs. A hundred years later, we at Sorella encourage you to find the same joy to your life – the one that our ancestresses also enjoyed. Everyday becomes a celebration by the power of good food, drink, and company!

South European flavours meet Finnish meats

We do not want to be branded with any specific cuisine, for spectacular flavours are found from so many Mediterranean countries. And being Finnish should not be forgotten – Finnish meat varieties are also included in the menu. Ethicality and waste minimising is always kept in mind.

Join us for a meal

Enjoy dinner in a group of friends or bring clients to our elegant cabinets. From the restaurant, you will find harmonic ambience, pleasant service, delicious food, and unique wines.

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